Do you know your NTRP rating?

Find your tennis rating using National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) categories. This is the most accurate rating system available and was developed by the U.S. Tennis Association in 1979. Player levels are based on a scale from 1.0 to 7.0 1.0 This player is Just starting to play tennis. 1.5 Has limited ... More

Correcting Your Mistakes

  Do you have a shot that always seems to be a problem? One of the things I hear most when teaching tennis players is "I always…,” for example: "I always swing down on my volleys” or “I always hit my serve return late.” In a way, this is good thing because you are aware of the error that ... More

Third Stage of Learning – ‘Competition’

The third stage and last challenge of learning a new shot is the Competition Stage.  After learning the concept and practicing during a rally, you are now prepared to incorporate into point play. The challenge to overcome in this stage is the pressure and tightness we feel while we compete. While playing a ... More