Getting the Most out of your Group Lessons


This week’s tip will focus on group classes and how to take full advantage of practice in these settings.  These can include team practices, private group lessons, drill clinics, junior clinics, etc.  
Often, during group classes, players are presented with point play drills to practice competitive situations, tactics and strategies for doubles or singles.  These group lessons offer real-life scenarios with other players to practice shots, plays, or strategies that are new or need improvement.
More often than not, players make the mistake of playing it ‘safe’ and look to, at all costs, to win the point, without putting much thought into improving a stroke. It is good to have the will to win, but the problem here is that we stay in our comfort zone and avoid our weaker shots when we should actually be practicing them.  At the end such a practice, we find ourselves with very little, if any, improvement on what really needs work.
Use the following tips to help you get the most out of your group lessons: 
  • Pinpoint which shots or plays you are least comfortable with before starting the lesson.
  • Remember that practice is just for that – practice – and not for the sole purpose of competing against others.
  • Hit more of your weak shots instead of avoiding them.  The more you hit them, the more they improve. 
  • Practice the new plays and strategies presented by your tennis professional, even if you lose some points in the process.

Remember that being persistent and accepting these mistakes as part of the learning process will soon lead to better and earlier improvement!

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